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About us

Oriental Food Industries Sdn Bhd was established and incorporated in 1978. From our modest beginnings, we have made our mark in the food manufacturing industry today holding the leading position in the snack food and confectionery industry in Malaysia.

In a crowded marketplace, we remain focused on placing the needs and interests of our customers’ first by manufacturing products that focuses on quality.

We believe that the key focus for success in this business depends on product quality, product range, research and development, a highly quality workforce right from top management to the operator level, sound marketing strategy, effective sales and advertising policies, competitive pricing, good domestic and international distribution network and most importantly the commitment to excellence in all aspects of the company business, all of which are being implemented and practiced in our organization.


Oriental Products

Generally our products can be divided into four (4) broad categories, which are snack food, wafer, potato snacks and bakery products.

We have various product brand names, most of which are commercially strong and generating the required sales and profit. To name a few, our product brand names like Rota, Super Ring, Jacker and Oriental are well-known household brand names in Malaysia.


Head Office and Manufacturing Plants

Our manufacturing plants are located in Air Keroh Industrial Estate in Malacca, which is well recognized as Malacca’s industrial hub, covering approximately 15 acres of prime industrial property. For operations purposes we have distinguished the plants by identifying them as Factory 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Our headquarters and administration centre is an independent double storey building located at Factory 4, the largest of all the plants with considerable room for our ongoing expansion plans.


Quality Control & Certifications

We have obtained several certifications in line with our quest for optimum quality control procedures, namely MS ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP. We are also certified by the Malacca State Islamic Department as a manufacturer of ‘Halal’ products. We seek to continue to improve its product quality to keep up with the ever-demanding international health standards. At present, we are in the process of obtaining the ISO:22000 certification for the production of potato crisps, wafer rice crisps and confectioneries.

In addition to the above, we adhere to stringent quality control standards to maintain the use of high quality products right from raw materials stage to the production of finished products. Every delivery or consignment of raw materials such as sugar, flour, potatoes, flavouring have undergone prior sampling, tested and only the finest raw materials and ingredients are being selected. Apart from quality control, we also believe in the exercise of stringent control on hygiene.

In ensuring quality and hygiene of the food products, we have established an effective and efficient quality assurance system to cover all aspects of hygiene, contact review, production process and testing line.

Apart from the above, all ingredients used are in accordance to set recipes and are measured by trained staff, with periodic checks made by both the quality control personnel and production supervisors to ensure minimal errors.


Research & Development

As part of Oriental Food Industries Sdn Bhd’s marketing and quality control practices, we invest substantially into research and development (R&D). We recognise the need to keep pace with market demands and consumers’ taste.

As such, our laboratory undertakes ongoing research to enhance the flavour of existing products and creating new product ranges to cater to an increasingly sophisticated consumer market.

The R&D team which comprising of the top management personnel, engages in various research methods to improve the production processes, thereby reducing cost and wastage while increasing productivity and maintaining standards.

The Scope of research and development includes the use of new packaging materials to improve shelf life and enticing packaging to appeal to a wider scope of consumers.



In a highly competitive and saturated market and in order to have a distinct edge over competitions, the company keeps abreast with the latest technical developments and manufacturing processes using modern machinery for the increase in productivity and efficiency. The key is to constantly innovate and continually improve ourselves in order to sustain our position in this industry.



Our overseas business is an important engine for our continued growth.

In line with our aggressive global marketing plans, our products are being distributed throughout the world with the number of international distributors expected to increase substantially.